Thursday, August 13, 2009

Link: Interview with "Female Force" Writer

Twilight Treasury has interviewed writer Ryan Burton, who is scripting the Stephenie Meyer bio-comic for Bluewater Productions. He provides us with some very tempting tidbits, such as:

You have been quoted as saying that a very recognizable vampire will be narrator, I'm guessing Edward. I don't know if you can confirm this, but did you try and keep the narration as close to this characters style as possible? If so, examples?

RB: "Well, I’ll give you a hint: it’s not who you think it is. I know there are lots and lots and lots (lots of lots) of fans who want it to be a certain vampire, but that’s Stephenie’s vampire, isn’t it? I can’t steal him. So we’re dealing with a worldly vampire in our story; someone much more menacing. Someone who’s been around for a bit longer. That might be the biggest hint I can give you..."

Well, now that he mentions it, that makes sense-- since this is an unauthorized project, Bluewater probably doesn't have the rights to use Edward. So, he's probably talking about a certain other famous vampire that's in the public domain.

Twilight Treasury will also be doing an interview with the issue's artist up soon-- we'll keep you posted!

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