Saturday, August 22, 2009

Stephenie Bio-Comic: Monthly??? has an interview with Bluewater Productions' founder Darren G. Davis, and while they talked about a whole bunch of things, this bit caught our eye:

And the Stephanie Meyer one is going to be even bigger, it’s monthly.

Hang on a minute! Is he talking about Female Force as a whole is monthly? Or will there be more Stephenie comics to come? We're trying to get the answer to that now. Check back soon!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Houston Chronicle sees Alice as Archie's Veronica plays casting director for one of the longest running comic book franchises, Archie Comics. And they've picked none other than Ashley Greene to play Archie's dark-haired love interest, Veronica Lodge.

Veronica Lodge: Ashley Greene
The Twilight star exudes the dark-haired, unapproachable beauty of Ms. Lodge that would send Archie or any other suitor stumbling for her affection.

While there are no current plans to make a live-action Archie movie, it's probably only a matter of time with all the comic book movies in development. What do you think: Alice for Veronica?

Funnily enough, starting this Wednesday, Archie #600 will kick off a 6-issue storyline where Archie proposes to Veronica. Will those crazy kids make it to the altar?

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Link: Interview with "Female Force" Writer

Twilight Treasury has interviewed writer Ryan Burton, who is scripting the Stephenie Meyer bio-comic for Bluewater Productions. He provides us with some very tempting tidbits, such as:

You have been quoted as saying that a very recognizable vampire will be narrator, I'm guessing Edward. I don't know if you can confirm this, but did you try and keep the narration as close to this characters style as possible? If so, examples?

RB: "Well, I’ll give you a hint: it’s not who you think it is. I know there are lots and lots and lots (lots of lots) of fans who want it to be a certain vampire, but that’s Stephenie’s vampire, isn’t it? I can’t steal him. So we’re dealing with a worldly vampire in our story; someone much more menacing. Someone who’s been around for a bit longer. That might be the biggest hint I can give you..."

Well, now that he mentions it, that makes sense-- since this is an unauthorized project, Bluewater probably doesn't have the rights to use Edward. So, he's probably talking about a certain other famous vampire that's in the public domain.

Twilight Treasury will also be doing an interview with the issue's artist up soon-- we'll keep you posted!

Other News!

Well, this is rather fun and unexpected-- We had only expected to be able to report on news about the Yen Press adaptation and the Stephenie Meyer bio-comic, but lo and behold, two Twilight actors have come up in comics related news!

-Kiowa Gordon, who plays Embry Call, will be appearing at SpazDog Comics in Phoenix, Arizona on Saturday, August 15th from 5pm to 8pm. More info at Twilight Moms. While you're there, why not order your copy of Stephenie's bio-comic, or ask if they'll keep you posted about the manga adaptation. Or even get a head start on Rob's new project! (Keep reading...)

-MTV Splash Page is reporting that X-Men 3 director Brett Ratner wants Robert Pattinson to be in his upcoming adaptation of the superhero comic Youngblood. MTV speculates that Ratner wants Rob to play Shaft, the team leader and an expert archer. No word yet on whether he's even talked to Rob yet, but we'll keep an eye on this story (and start working on a Youngblood rec, just in case!)

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Recommendation: Fruits Basket, Vol. 1

Here's the thing: the Japanese aren't as big on werewolves as we here in the West. You'll get werewolves turning up as supporting characters in vampire books (and trust us, we'll get to those!), but for the most part, werewolves in the traditional sense just aren't there. Of course, the Quileutes aren't exactly werewolves in the traditional sense either, so that makes things much easier for us!

For your shapeshifter needs, it would only make sense for us to recommend one of the most popular manga ever published (both in Japan and America).

Fruits Basket
by Natsuki Takaya tells the story of Tohru Honda, an orphan who lives with her grandfather. When she needs to find some place to live while his house is being renovated, she gets taken in by the mysterious Sohma family-- the boy Yuki being the one all the girls at school want.

But while the other girls seethe with jealousy over Tohru's new living arrangements, she finds herself entrusted with keeping the Sohma family secret-- they are shapeshifters, each one possessed by one of the spirits of the Chinese Zodiac. They transform into their animal when touched by a member of the opposite sex (which, to say the least, makes the prospect of dating a difficult one).

Things get even more complicated when she meets Kyo, the Cat of the family. In the legend of the Zodiac, the Cat was tricked by the Rat into missing the Emperor's feast where they were given their status. Tohru had always felt affection for the Cat in the legend, and her feelings for Kyo soon take a similar turn. However, he's too busy picking fights with the Rat--none other than Yuki!-- to notice.

Tohru may have found the family she's always wanted, but will she find something more?

Fruits Basket is rated T for mild violence and sexual innuendo.

Some Housekeeping...

Well, now that word is starting to get out there about T@C, there's just a few things we'd like to elaborate on:

-The plan was to post a rec every Friday, both to give you something to look forward to, and so that we wouldn't run out of recs too fast! However, right now the blog looks pretty empty, so in the next day or so, we're going to post a few more starter recs.

-Feel free to send in your own recs! We know there's much to love about Twilight, so there's probably something we haven't considered when putting together these recs. We'd love to hear from you! (Send recs to: twilight[dot]comicopia [at] gmail[dot]com)

-We have a LiveJournal feed! Go friend us, please ^_^

-We recently received a very nice e-mail from Stephenie's publicist who just wanted us to remind everyone that the Bluewater bio-comic is unauthorized. Thanks, Elizabeth!

Friday, August 7, 2009

Recommendation: Vampire Knight

For our first recommendation, we have Vampire Knight, vol. 1 by Matsuri Hino.

Cross Academy is a high school with a secret. There is a day class for ordinary humans, and a night class for a beautiful elite-- who happen to be vampires.

Yuki Cross and her adoptive brother Zero Kiryu are Guardians, members of the day class whose job it is to protect the secret of the night class, and protect the lives of the day class.

When she was 5 years old, Yuki was attacked by a vampire, but was saved by the beautiful, pacifist vampire Kaname. He took her to Cross Academy, where she was taken in by the headmaster, who believes in peace between humans and vampires.

Now, at 15, she helps the headmaster in his cause to educate vampires and promote understanding between the two groups in thanks for Kaname's rescue-- and because she's falling in love with him.

Meanwhile, Zero would desire nothing more than to kill all vampires, in revenge of the vampires who murdered his entire family four years ago. But more happened that night than he has ever let on.

Can Yuki balance her loyalties to the two men who mean the most to her?

Vampire Knight is rated T+ for incidences of violence and mild language

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Twilight Graphic Novel

A few weeks ago, Yen Press (a subsidiary of Hachette Book Group, which also owns Twilight publisher Little, Brown) announced that they are working on a graphic adaptation of Twilight.

It is being drawn by manhwa (Korean comic book) artist Young Kim, and is "heavily edited" by Stephenie Meyer herself.

Still no release date--we'll keep you posted!-- but has posted the Entertainment Weekly article showcasing some gorgeous pin-ups of Edward, Bella, and Jacob by Kim.

Female Force: Stephenie Meyer

So you've probably heard by now that Bluewater Productions will be releasing a bio-comic of none other than Stephenie Meyer. It's slated for a November 11th release--one week and a day before The Twilight Saga: New Moon movie comes out!

It will be narrated by "an iconic vampire" (wonder who? ^_^), and will come in two versions:
  • a basic, 22-page biography for $3.99
  • a deluxe, graphic novel edition with the biography plus a history of Forks, Washington and other bonus material for $6.99
Bluewater has published many bio-comics of culturally influential women as part of their "Female Force" line, from Hillary Clinton to their latest release, Princess Diana. Meyer is the first author to be spotlighted, and word on the street is that she will soon be joined by Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling.

Bonus for all Boston Twilighters: we are currently taking orders for this comic at Comicopia-- just contact us by phone or e-mail via the contact info on (Everyone else, check to find a shop in your area)


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